How to Delete Cookies in Mozilla Firefox?

Cookies, in some degree can provide you better surfing experience for it stores data and information once you visit a website. But with more sites you visited, the more data will be stored in the cookies; your computer will obviously become slow. Cookies can also be tracked by hackers if your computer is infected with virus or Trojans.


In order to keep good performance of PC and protect the PC privacy from leaked out, regular cookies clean is highly recommended. In this article, Mozilla Firefox cookies cleanup steps will be displayed.


Steps to delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox


step 1

At the top of the Firefox window, click on Tools and select Clear Recent History.

Cookies clean


step 2

Set Time range to clear as: Everything.

Cookies clean


step 3

Select Cookies, and any other items your want to delete, such as Cache.


Note, you need to expand the arrow next details to see in details.

step 4

Click Clear now to clean the Cookies and other item content.


Cookies clean


Easy Way Out:


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