How to Defragment Windows XP? (Make A Faster PC)

Why we need to defragment our computers?


The most significant reason why we need to defragment our computers is that disk defragmentation will save you more time on computer loading, and avoid massive slow down.


step 1

Locate the Local Disk (C:) Properties.


Display “My Computer” volumes>Right click on a drive, such as Local Disk (C:), and select Properties



step 2



Select Tools>Locate Defragmentation>Click Defragment Now



step 3

Wait till the process completes.


You can choose to pause or stop defragmenting during the Defragmentation process.



step 4

Affirm the operation.


Once the Defragmentation is complete, you will receive a pop up window, allowing you to view report.



step 5

Check for details.


Click View Report to see more details about the Defragmentation Report:



Recommended way to Defragment your computer:


If you want to save time and improve work efficiency, you can make use of a Disk Defragment Tool to defragment your computer with one-click. It’s easy to use.


Click here to download free Disk Defragment Tool to care your computer now!

Click on the PC Tuneup Box after the installtion. Check the option Disk Defragment and click on Care Now to continue.
This operation will help optimize your system and get a faster PC.

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