How to Defrag Windows Vista

When you create or copy new files on your hard disk, Windows creates these files one after one on the hard disk wherever the space is available. Sometimes a file may be written in fragments in many places. When you want to open this file, windows has to spin all those fragments located in different spaces, which takes long time. Disk Defragmenting is the best solution for this slow respond. In the defragmenting process, windows gather all the fragments of a file close together in order to speed up the respond time.


Disk defrag on windows vista is very different from the pervious windows operating system. Follow these guide to defragmend disk on windows vista.


1, Click Start – All Programs – Accessories – System Tools – Disk Defragmenter.


defrag windows vista

2, Click Defragment now button to start the defrag.


defrag windows vista

3, A pop up window will appear to let you select the disks you want to defragment.


defrag windows vista

4, Click OK to begin the disk defragmentaion. For Vista, there is no bar showing the defragment process.



To maintain good computer performance, you should optimize your computer daily such as defrag disk space, delete temporary files and invalid registry entries. We highly recommend you take the free system optimizer Cloud System Booster to run daily care for your PC.


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