How to Create a Scheduled Task? (Windows 7)

Windows Task Scheduler allows you to run a program automatically at a scheduled time. So if you use a specific program on a regular basis, and are annoyed to open the program manually each time, learn how to create a scheduled task will save you effort and bring you convenience.


How to Create a Scheduled Task in Windows 7?

Note: Only an administrator has the authority to perform the settings. Start from here to learn how to set a scheduled task in 6 simple steps:


1. Windows Start menu>Control Panel>System and Security>Administrative Tools>Double click Task Scheduler




2. Click Action on the Task Scheduler Wizard>Click Create Basic Task



3. Type a name for the task and a simple description (optional) >click Next to continue



4. Choose a time on which you want the task to start.>Click Next to continue



5. Go further with the settings (according to what time period you chose in step 4)>Click Next to continue



6. Click Start a program>Click Next>Click Browse to locate the program>Click Next




Now, you’ve successfully created a task scheduler which will bring you convenience and speed. Later, if you have more programs to set, just follow the steps.



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