How to Clear My Computer History?

Sometimes, you need to clear your activity traces on a computer in order to protect your privacy and make sure no one knows what you have done. However, not everyone knows how to clear computer history. Below are simple ways to help save your frustration.


step 1

Open your Internet Explorer>Tools>Internet options


step 2

Turn to the area saying Change days to keep pages in history, and set it as 0.



step 3

Delete cookies, files and clear history.



step 4

Click content>Click autocomplete>Clear forms>Click OK.



Alternative Way to Clear Computer History.


Or you can choose to clear all your computer activity in one-click by clear history software. Download Cloud System Booster to cleanup your web history.



With Cloud System Booster you can:


  • Clean up system trash files
  • Clean up Registry trash
  • Remove 3rd application temp files
  • clean Windows history records
  • Web history
  • Clean start menu records
  • Recent playlists in Media Player


Download one to speed up your PC right away!

Official Download

100% Clean of Virus.


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