How to Clear Internet Explorer 9 Download History?

You browser stores information about the files you downloaded from the Internet. If you don’t clear them manually or make use of some cleaner tool to remove them, they will slow down your Internet over time, and seriously compromise your privacy, for your download history can be seen by anyone who has access to your computer. So form a good habit to clear your browser download history regularly is very necessary.


Clear download history manually:


step 1

Open your IE 9 browser>Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner


step 2

After sub menu revealed, click on View downloads


step 3

You will see a list of downloaded items


step 4

Select an item and click on X in the upper right corner of it to remove the item.


step 5

click Clear list button in the down side to remove all items at once.


step 6

Close the windows and restart the Internet Explorer 9.


Clear download history by cleaner tool (Recommended):


There’s a pretty good chance that some people don’t know how to clear IE download history manually, while others don’t want to bother a manual operation. In that case, a cleaner tool is no better a choice. Click here to download Cloud System Booster to do all for you. Besides IE, Cloud System booster also clears Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari cookies, caches, browsing history and download history.


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