How to Clear Google Chrome Cache?

Why we need to clear browser cache?


Clear browser cache can release system memory, which in return will make your computer faster and more effective. The existence of browser cache is to make the display of a website faster than your first visit, because when you first visit a webpage, files on this page will be downloaded and kept so that they could be displayed, later such information will be kept in on your hard disk, which of course will take up memory. So clear browser cache frequently can help speed up your PC, and improve its performance.


Clear Google chrome cache


step 1

Open your Google Chrome>Click the Wrench icon to reveal the Settings menu


step 2

Click Tools>Select Clear Browsing Data.


step 3

Select and check Empty the cache, and uncheck all other options.


step 4

Reveal the dropdown menu of the Obliterate the following items from option.


step 5

Select the beginning of time, or you can choose other time range as you like.


step 6

Click on the Clear Browsing Data button and wait the process to complete.


Above are manual instructions, in fact, you can make use of a system optimizer to clear them, which is easy to operate and time-saving.


Things Can Work Out Easier


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Clear caches of all sorts.



Speed up your PC by throwing out junk files, invalid shortcuts, etc from your computer System.


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