How to Clean Cookies on Windows 7?

Cookies on windows 7 can be called cookies on our browser. Cookies store information of users and their browsing habits. Whatever we browse on the Internet, all information can be stored on out computer. In fact, all these pages are stored in the temporary files. But we can delete them to avoid our privacy being tracked.
It is very necessary for us to free up hard drive space with deleting these files periodically.

How to Clean Cookies on Windows 7


step 1

Click Start>Control Panel



step 2

Click Network and Internet



step 3

Click Internet Options



step 4

Now you come into the following interface. Click Delete…>Cookies>Delete



You can make things easier.


There’s a pretty good chance that some Windows 7 users don’t know how to manually clear Cookies on the system, while others don’t want to bother a manual operation. In that case, a cleaner tool is no better a choice. Click here to download Cloud System Booster to do all for you.


With Cloud System Booster you can clean out junk files, invalid shortcuts, corrupt registry entries, etc.; free up computer Disk to obtain larger internal memory; create a system restore point.
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