How to Block and Stop Pop-up in Google Chrome?

Pop-ups are forms of online advertisement which designed to attack web traffic by linking to the website of the advertiser. Pop-ups normally appear as a new browser windows that opens without letting your know. The pop-up window always contains links in the form of offers and advertisement. If you click on the links appear in the pop-up window, you will be redirected to other website in an attempt to increase their Web traffic.


It is a very annoying experience to get pop up window to display advertisement when you browser on Internet. What’s more, a pop up Windows may also bring potential threats to your computer. Some pop-up window may contain malicious code, when you accidently click on link offered in the pop up windows, the malicious code run on your computer in order to spread advertisement without your consent.


This article is going to offer tips on blocking and stopping pop-up in Google Chrome. If you want to block and stop pop-up appearing in your Google Chrome, please continue your reading and learn more.

Using pop-up blocking feature of Google Chrome to stop pop up ads

Google Chrome browser is coming with a pop-up blocking feature. You can turn on pop-ups to stop websites to show pop-ups.


To do that, please open Google Chrome, click on the Wrench icon to top-right corner of the browser and on the drop-down list, please select Settings to display present configuration of Google Chrome.


Scroll down and locate the Privacy area and click on Content settings button. It will open a new window.

Go to the Pop-ups area and tick on “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)”.



To allow pop-ups from certain web sites, click on Manage exceptions and add the website address. You may do not want to manage the exceptions because most normal website will not display pop up windows to show advertisements.

Using Pop up Blocker Anvi AD Blocker to block pop-up in Google Chrome–Most Recommended

Anvi Ad Blocker is a brand new and powerful pop up blocker which is designed to detect and block malicious advertisements pop up in real-time.


It’s powerful and innovative, which implemented a number of filters that protect you from malicious and fishing sites. It monitors processes which are trying to connect network in real time, which also provides users a proactive security service.


Anvi AD Blocker Download


You can use Anvi AD blocker for 15 days to protect your PC from Pop up Ads. To continue use Anvi AD Blocker, please purchase a license code to upgrade to Pro version.

Anvi AD Blocker allows you add URL in black list to stop any unwanted website. To use that, please just open the program Anvi AD Blocker, go to Settings, and then switch to Blacklist tab, clicking “Add URL” to add any suspicious website you want to stop.

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