How to Backup Files on Windows 7

Backing up files is very important for every PC users and can take much effert when your computer suffer a problem. Backup files is to make copies of important files and save it separately. This article will state the steps on how to backup files on Windows 7.

Step 1

To set up a backup in Windows 7, please open My Computer, click on the local disk and then select Properties. Click the Tools tab and select the “Backup” button.

Step 2

In the Backup and Restors window, click Set up backup as the photo below:

Step 3

Windows will search out a suitable drive to store the backup file, you can also customize the specified location to save the file on the network. Once you choose a network location, you need to set a sharing password.

Step 4

The window will pop up two selection button. The one is Let Windows Chose that Windows will back up data files in libraries, on the desktop, and in default Windows folders. Windows will also create a system imgae, which can be used to restore your computer if it stops working. These items will be backed up on a regular schedule. Another one is Let me choose. You can select libraries and folders and whether to include a system image in the backup. The items you choose will be backed up on a regular schedule. If you like more user control you’d better select Let me choose.
backup files on Win7

Step 5

Select the files and folders you want to backup. You can also choose Include a system image of drives.
backup files on Win7

Step 6

Now you can review the backup setting to ensure that everything is correct.
backup files on Win7

Step 7

You can also schedule the backup period. According your setting schedule, the last backup files and new created files will be added into backup files.
backup files on Win7

Step 8

Save back up setting and run backup. You can check the process of the backup by clicking View details.
backup files on Win7

Step 9

When the backup is complete you can see two backup files and one image folder.
backup files on Win7


Step 10

Double click backup files, you can restore or manage the size of the backup folder.
backup files on Win7


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