How Do I Erase My Browsing History?

Browser history traces and records about what we search for, as well as when we do that. In order to protect your privacy, and keep your activity cryptic to other people, we need to delete our search history, or saying browsing history timely. We will guide you through the process about how to erase browsing history from Internet Explorer in this article. Read on for more information.


How Do I Erase My Browsing History from Internet Explorer?


step 1

Open Internet browser


step 2

Click Tools>Delete Browsing History in Internet Explorer



step 3

Select Form Data in Internet Explorer



step 4

Then click Delete in Internet Explorer


step 5

Close the window, and restart the Internet Explorer to complete the change.


Easy Way Out


The powerful anti-malware program Anvi Smart Defender is built-in with a practical feature which is achieved by its small tool- Browser Repair Tool to help you easily and quickly clear your IE browsing history, cookies, installed plug-ins, etc. The small tool can be found in the Toolbox. Also, you can gain benefits from more practical tools there. Below image is for your reference.


For new users, you can download Anvi Smart Defender by clicking the Download button below.

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