Free up Disk Space to Speed up PC

In order to make computer run smoothly, all operating system require a bit of free space on the hard-drive disk. Usually, when we copy, paste or download something from internet, hard drive space will be filled up with all kind of stuffs that will dramatically slow down the computer speed.


We can manage to free up disk space with following tips.


step 1
Remove temporary Internet files and downloaded program files, when we browse on internet or download something from internet, some temporary internet files will left in the program hard drive, for windows operating system, it’s usually hard drive C.


step 2
Remove Windows temporary files and optional Windows components that you don’t use. With a period of accumulation, those files will piles and occupy the disk space.


step 3
Remove installed programs that you no longer use. Keeping good habit to clear your computer hard disk space regularly will help you get best computer performance.


step 4
Remove any other files that you do not need any more. There’s must a lot of unused files on the computer after a period of time. It’s also necessary to remove those unused files to free up the disk space.


Above tips are not all included to free up disk space. Actually, most tips can be done with the Windows Disk Cleanup tool, but do not bother to find out the Windows Disk Cleanup tool, you can choose professional system booster tool to free up disk space. This can be achieved by Cloud System Booster.


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