Email Security Tips for Vista Users

In order to well protect your privacy and other confidential message sent via email, you need to arm yourself with certain security knowledge.


1. Be cautious with attachments contained within an e-mail.


Nowadays, viruses take e-mail attachments as a primary source to transfer infection. Never open an attachment, especially email from unknown person, which does not mean you can trust email from someone you know. Verify before open it.


2. Be suspicious when clicking hyperlinks in e‑mail messages.


It’s very dangerous. Forged Ebay and PayPal official websites are spread through emails in the past few years. Criminals well disguised themselves and addressed themselves “”. If you don’t look carefully you won’t figure out what’s unusual- “”, not “”. So double check the sender address and only click links you trust.



3. Guard your personal information, especially credit card details carefully.


Double check a website when submitting any of these data to make sure it’s the legitimate and trustworthy one. Especially when paying online, or using online bank. Be careful of phishing scams. See how to avoid online thieves.


4. Use the Phishing Filter in your browser, or install your computer with antivirus software that has online web protection.


It helps detect phishing websites and marked out dangerous websites with red alerts to warn you not to make a click on this site.


Anvi Smart Defender Download:


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