Easily Remove Trovi Search and Trovi.com Browser Hijacker

Trovi.com enters into your computer and changes your browser’s homepage and default search engine to Trovi.com without your permission? This post shows you a step by step removal guide to get rid of this hijacker.


About Trovi Search and Trovi.com Browser Hijacker:

Trovi Search or Trovi.com is classified as a browser hijacker virus which usually promoted via free downloads. Trovi.com seems like it is a genuine and really helpful search providers for it provides multiple search services, such as web, images, videos and many others. However it is potentially unwanted. Trovi.com usually comes into users computer bundled with third parties. Trovi.com can corrupts all the most common used browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.


Once installed You may find that your browser home page and default search engine are changed to Trovi.com without your consent and knowledge. And you may find that the main screen of Trovi.com is full of unknown links. Although Trovi.com claims that it is powered by Google but is you can not get reliable search results from this domain because the search results from Trovi.com are filled with advertisements and sponsored links. You may receive many annoying pop up advertisements and when you search for something you might be redirected to some other unknown website which may contains malicious programs.
You may find that when you use this fake search engine you will be redirected to some other unknown site where ads and sponsored links occupied the results page. On the other hand, browser hijackers like this Trovi.com is capable of using cookies to collect users online traces or personal informations for unethical marketing. You are nor recommended to use Trovi.com and keep it on your computer.


How your Computer Gets Infected with Trovi Search and Trovi.com?

Usually Trovi.com enters into your computer bundled with free applications such as videos, free utilities which you download from Internet. When you download and install these programs you may also agree to change your browser settings without much attention. By the way, computer users should always remember that download freewares or free applications from Internet is the most common way for your computer to be infected with malwares.
You should be careful and thoughtful when you download softwares, always remember that you should download them from its official site. On the other hand when you install them, keep in mind the Advanced or Custom installation should be your first choice and do not select anything that is not familiar to you. If your computer is infected with Trovi.com virus, you will definitely have a hard time to browse online. You should remove this Trovi.com as soon as possible before it make more damage to your PC.
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Trovi Search and Trovi.com Redirect Removal Guide Overview:

Step 1 Remove possible Trovi infections using Anvi Smart Defender Anti-malware

Step 2 Uninstall Trovi from computer

  • Option 1 Uninstall Trovi related prgram from Control Panel(Manually)
  • Option 2 Uninstall Trovi with free Anvi Uninstaller(Automatically)
    Step 3 Remove Trovi and repair browsers

  • Option 1 Remove Trovi and repair browsers(Manually)
  • Option 2 Remove Trovi and repair browsers with Anvi Slim Toolbar(Automatically)
    Step 4 Remove Trovi invalid registry entires and malicious files left in system using Cloud System Booster
    Browser Ads Blocking Tips

    Step 1

    Remove Possible Trovi Infections Using Anvi Smart Defender Anti-malware

    To make sure the computer is clean from Trovi and any potential malware infections, you are highly recommended to use Anvi Smart Defender antimalware to protect your computer.
    Anvi Smart Defender is a brand new anti-malware software designed to protect your PC from being infected with computer virus and malware. Featuring with the powerful Cloud Scan Technologies and daily updated database, Anvi Smart Defender can detect, block and remove malware threats including Trojans, ransomwares, worms, backdoors and malicious adwares. Anvi Smart Defender is devote to providing advanced Internet security solution for computer users.

    Anvi Smart Defender Download:



    Please note, after the tool has been downloaded and installed, make sure database is updated to the latest version and also ensure the Anvi Smart Defender is set to Scan rootkits by clicking settings shown below. And then click OK to save the change and close the window to run this scanner.

    Now perform a full scan with Anvi Smart Defender then remove all the found threats.



    Step 2

    Uninstall Trovi Related Program from Computer

    Option 1 Uninstall Trovi from Control Panel(Manually)
    Log on to your computer as an Administrator who has the right to add or remove software.
    Click Start Menu->Control Panel (Uninstall a Program for Window 7)-> Double-click Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features for Windows 7)
    Scroll down to find Trovi and related programs. Please note, Trovi related program may vary by name and you are suggested to uninstall any unfamiliar and suspicious third party. Click Uninstall or Change and to uninstall these programs.


    Option 2 Uninstall Trovi with free Anvi Uninstaller(Automatically)
    Anvi Uninstaller is a high efficient, free tool designed to help users conveniently and efficiently uninstall unwanted programs.
    Direct download link: http://www.anvisoft.com/software/aun/
    Or you can download and install Cloud System Booster, then launch this program, click on Toolbox(at the bottom of the main screen)—Anvi Uninstaller–-Download this uninstall tool and then Run it to uninstall programs.

    When Anvi Uninstaller opened, click on Recently Installed tab, you will find the programs recently installed on your computer. Choose the suspicious or unfamiliar one, click on the Uninstall button to uninstall them.


    Step 3

    Remove Trovi and Repair Browsers
    Option 1 Remove Trovi and Repair Browsers(Manually)



    Option 2 Remove Trovi and Repair Browsers Using Anvi Slim Toolbar(Automatically)
    Most computer users were suffered or are suffering from the self-invited browser add-ons or browser hijackers. To a large extent those programs are potentially unwanted because they may put users computer into high risk of being infected with malwares by installing ads supporteds, or modifying users browser homepage and default search engine to some illegitimate one.
    Anvi Slim Toolbar is a practical, easy to use and uses-friendly tool. It is has three function mode, Scan, Manage and Browser Repair. Anvi Slim is designed to help computer users detect and remove malicious and unnecessarys, browser add-ons, extensions and plugins.
    Anvi Slim Toolbar is also available for repairing web browser problem caused by maliciouss or other malwares such as adware, browser hijacker and redirect virus. Currently, Anvi Slim can repair commonly used browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which means it can reset your browsers homepage and default search engine to the genuine one automatically.


    Anvi Slim Toolbar Download:


    1 Download and install Anvi Slim Toolbar. On the main screen of this program, please click on the Scan button to scan your computer.
    2 Click on the Manage button to view details about the found extensions ands, remove the unwanted one.

    3 To repair your browsers, click on the Browser Repair button on the mains screen. Select the relative browser that you need to repair. Currently, Anvi Slim Toolbar can repair commonly used browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.



    Step 4

    Remove Trovi Residual Damage from your System Using Cloud System Booster
    After the Trovi program has been removed from your system, some residual files maybe still in there. You need clean your computer.

    Cloud System Booster Download:


    1 On the main screen of Cloud System Booster, go to Disk Cleaner, on Internet Explorer,Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox tab, please select Internet Explorer Cookies, Mozilla Firefox Cookies and Google Chrome Cookies option, and then back to the main screen of Cloud System Booster. You can also check the items you want to clean or optimize from Registry Cleaner, Optimizer and PC Repair module.


    2 Now you can click on the Quick Care button to clean your computer quickly. Once the scan completes, there will come out a results screen, click Clear button to remove those junk files, browser cookies, invalid registry entries to maximize your computer performance. (You may also click the numbers to view detailed results.)


    Browser Ads Blocking Tips

    Nowerdays more and more computer users are plagued by browser related ads, how to avoid ads related damage to your computer? With brand-new and users-friendly interface and a powerful database, Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate is capable of analyzing and blocking most of the browser related ads, providing you a free and light surfing experience, and preventing you from falling into Internet scam and online threats.

    1 Download and install Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate from the direct link: http://www.anvisoft.com/software/abu/

    Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate Download:


    2 Turn on the real-time block option and now you can surfing online with no more ads. And you can just click on the Blocked Count numbers to access to the Blocked Ads Log to check what ads Anvi AD Block Ultimate had blocked for you.

    Good luck and be safe online.

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    7 thoughts on “Easily Remove Trovi Search and Trovi.com Browser Hijacker

    1. Hey can you help me I have followed all the steps not requiring download as I already have antivirus, but in all of these boxes and texts trovi is gone yet when i open new:tab it comes up with the trovi page even though it is removed from my system, I would love some help.

      • Hi Theo, could you please tell me what browser you use? Trovi can be hidden in some other programs (such as “Conduit” or “Search Protect”). Therefore, you need to remove the suspicious program at first.

        • Hey Tinna I’m using chrome, IE is installed on my PC because its windows 8, something you may want to know is ‘Yahoo Community Searchbar’, this appears in my uninstall page and i uninstall it everytime but it keeps coming back, could it be that.

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