Computer Freezes When Playing Games, How To Fix?

Computer Freezes When Playing Games

It is absolutely an anticlimax when you are playing games, but computer freezes. That’s really let you down to some extent. But it’s difficult to find out the issues or causes. Computer freezes when playing games is related to many issues, the most common issues are related to graphic card driver, Windows operating system, running programs while playing games, and the game’s application.

How to Troubleshoot your Problem?


step 1

Update your graphics card driver.

According to your graphic device, you should install the latest driver compatible with your computer. Make sure to install the appropriate driver to support your computer runs normally when playing games.


step 2

Windows operating system related issue.


You should check the available updates from Microsoft. Keep your Windows operating system updating to the latest version, Microsoft will release some big updates to fix some bugs or system vulnerabilities. Make sure that your operating system has all of the latest updates installed.

step 3

Running too much more programs at the same time.

When you are playing games, you should close some unnecessary running programs from background, and also you could stop some unused Windows services. If it’s not easy and simple to operate, you could download the game boost software to help you quickly. Game boost software could temporarily end those unnecessary running processes and services automatically and smartly, and it will boost your game speed without doubt.

step 4

Apply all the patches related to the game application released officially.


Check the latest patches from the game publisher. Some old bugs of the game applications might cause your computer freeze while playing games, such as this issue always can be solved by installing the latest patches.


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