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Anvisoft - Cloud System Booster Free License

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster Free License

How to get Anvisoft Cloud System Booster license code for Free
To enable all features of this Cloud System Booster, you need to use license key to activate software first. This article displays step-by-step instructions on how to get license code for program activation.
The whole process is easy and simple, what you need to do is share and recommend Anvisoft and Anvisoft Products.
To start, please follow the steps below:
First - Log onto your Gmail and recommend product on Google+
If you have Gmail account, you can start this immediately. If not, please click www.gmail.com to create an account. After that, please do the following:
1. Log onto your Gmail
2. Click on g+1
To start, please click on the following g+1 one by one.
g+1 icons take a few seconds to display. If you don't see them, please re-fresh this page.
1. Anvisoft Homepage - www.anvisoft.com
2. Cloud System Booster Product Page - www.anvisoft.com/cloud-system-booster.html
3. Anvi Smart Defender Product Page - www.anvisoft.com/smart-defender.html
4. Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate Product Page - www.anvisoft.com/anvi-ad-blocker-ultimate.html
5. Anvi Ultimate Defrag Product Page - www.anvisoft.com/ultimate-defrag.html
6. Anvi Slim Toolbar Product Page - www.anvisoft.com/slim-toolbar.html
7. Anvi Browser Repair Tool Page - www.anvisoft.com/browser-repair-tool.html
8. Anvi AD Blocker Product Page - www.anvisoft.com/ad-blocker.html
9. Get Anvisoft Products for Free - www.anvisoft.com/promotions/getitfree.php
10. How Does Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate Work - youtu.be/DVIMRpoSLN4
Second - Share product to 10 social networks
1. log onto your social network accounts. (For example: Facebook and Twitter).
2. Return to Anvisoft homepage by clicking www.anvisoft.com.
3. Locate to the left side of the homepage.
4. Choose the social networks that you can access and then start sharing.
Third - Contact us
Please contact us at support@anvisoft.com after you have done the above 2, and include the following information in the email:
1. Your Gmail (e.g. anveisoft@gmail.com)
2. Your Social Accounts (e.g. Your Facebook (e.g. http://www.facebook.com/Anvisoft), Your Twitter (e.g. http://twitter.com/anvisoft)
We will check these on Google, Facebook and Twitter. Once confirmed, we will send you license code immediately.
Note: As usual, you will receive licence within 24 hours on the business days. Please allow us 2 days on weekends.
Alternatively, we can deliver code to you through Facebook and Twitter. What you need to do is to follow us after you have done the above.
Once you receive the activation code, you can use it for product registration. After that, you can use the full version and start to repair your PC problems and correct system errors for your Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.
Announcement: The information you send to us is only used for confirmation. We will never share your information with other third-party organizations.
The License code you get is valid for 1 PC for 1 year.
Hope you have a great day with Anvisoft.
Anvisoft Support Team