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Scoop-Cloud System Booster v1.2.2 Has Been Released Today


After the release of Cloud System Booster v.1.1.1, this time Anvisoft focus on better user experiences on this new version-Cloud System Booster v1.2.2. Apart from the regular functional improvements, this newly released version is accentuated on interface tuning, such as bigger size, better text display, interface transparent feature with new technique, fine tuning on Chamelon Feature as well as border shadow to each interface for better looking. These fine tunings and changes may assemble a more user-friendly usage, which is created to delight worldwide users. Then let’s take a glance at this Cloud System Booster v 1.2.2 below:


Enlarged Main Interface ( actual size: 856x581)

the image of cloud system booster v 1.2.0


Enable Transperancy Tunning on Chamelon Feature

the image of cloud system booster v 1.2.0 chamelon feature


Besides, Japanese is added to extent Cloud System Booster benefits to people there. And we will keep updated our software to be in more languages to extent its benefits to more people in the future.


We Anvisoft team have been dedicated to work hard on computer software in the field of security and practical computer utilities. We are young, passionate, open-minded, steady-fast and resolved to make an achievement which will bring our users win-win benefits, for assured. As of now, we have two fist products-Anvi Smart Defender (Anti-malware tool) and Cloud System Booster ( PC system booster), as well as a series of free tools to facilitate virus removal and other pc utilities. We seek after the Six Sigma spirit, which is demanding in excellence, embodied by invariably improving our services and software.


We appreciate any form of support from you, which can be either using whichever our software, giving us your feedback, or just sending us kind/constructive suggestions, or just focusing on our growth and development. To return that, we will work even harder to offer you more better services and software. To better improve our software for your better services, Anvisoft needs your support. Now begin to join us with trying this Cloud System Booster v1.2.2.


Free download Cloud System Booster v1.2.2  To Boost Your PC System Performance Now

the image of cloud system booster  the image of cloud system booster download8.85M


Any feedback, please feel free to contact us.