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Boost Your PC Performance Now with Cloud System Booster

Greetings Anvisoft Users,

Congratulations to you for successfully installed Anvisoft Cloud System Booster. We are sure that our softwrae will bring you a new PC feeling. Although you are new to Cloud System Booster, take this quick guide will help you turn into a professional user of Cloud System Booster.

the image of CLOUD 

   Why We Named It "CLOUD" System Booster?

To get the latest profiles on all the new software, Cloud System Booster users an online data cloud. This action  would also help us in improving the online cloud data of Applications Optimization. After collecting data, every Anvisoft users could update the latest optimization data through Anvi Online Cloud Server.

anvisoft boost button of cloud system booster   How does "BOOST" Work in the Main Screen?

 When you first time install Cloud System Booster, you will discover a "Boost" button on the main screen. What if you click on it? We are glad to tell you that it is a one-click solution for PC scanning, cleaning and optimizing. What you need to do is selecting the module you want to execute the Boost function of Cloud System Booster. Actually, the fastest, easiest and finest way is to select all modules, including Cleaner, Optimizer, Repair and Application. After its working, you will find that your computer becomes faster, smoother than before.


Your Professional Choice - Expert Mode
If you are familiar with PC components and many aspects of PC knowledge, we are pretty sure that you will love the Expert mode of Cloud System Booster. Simply click on the "Expert" button on the left right corner of Main Screen, you will enter expert more. Select the operation as you wish and also select the items as you customize.

Customize Your Favorite Skin - Chameleon
The default skin of Cloud System Booster is black. This is not the end of skin selection because you can change it as you like. We provide four other skins in this program, yet you could also drop your own favorite picture to the skin of Cloud System Booster to replace the default one.

If you have any feedback or suggestion, please send us e-mail support@anvisoft.com
We really appreciate your support of Anvisoft.

Extra protection for your PC security - If you are only Cloud System Booster user of Anvisoft, we sure that you will not miss the other popular and top rated one - Anvi Smart Defender. It's a free anti-malware program to protect your PC from malware infection and give PC extra protection.

Give it a try here!

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