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What is New in Anvi Smart Defender --- Technical Overview

Anvi Smart Defender provides powerful online and of protection for PC users. The program benefits from a dedicated team of Internet security specialists, who help Anvisoft to constantly improve its key feature sets and program strength.


Anvisoft technologists have concentrated on producing a noticeably faster and smarter product. It takes you only seconds to quickly scan the areas which are most commonly infected by malware.


Engineered to work at a level appropriate to differing users’ needs, Anvi Smart Defender core role is to kill malware, spyware, Trojans, etc., and also help speed up PC by several system optimization function. Users will get a free all-in-one anti-malware and system utility.


Anvi Smart Defender will not overuse memory because it’s smart and lean. Users can do their own work without affection while it’s scanning disk. Meanwhile, its memory sweep function included in system optimization will help release memory in an efficient way.


Also new is Anvi Cloud, which provides cloud scan and recommendations in case of detected suspicious files. It is a new creative computing technology that protects the computer and provides the user with suggestions on undefined files they may have.


Not only have we introduced new features such as these but we are still developing and improving our software. At the same time, we are dedicated in developing some new programs, and you will meet it in a short time.


About Anvisoft

Founded in 2011, Anvisoft is a next generation company which specializes in anti-malware and system optimization technology led by a group of innovative, enthusiastic, and visionary specialists. At Anvisoft, we are dedicated to developed high-performing security and PC performance improvement solutions for users, detecting and removing known and emerging forms of threats, and speeding up PC by new cloud computing technology.