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Anvi Smart Defender Beta is Ready Now

Since 2009, Anvisoft is dedicated in developing andresearching security software for people worldwide. Anvisoft organized a groupof specialists to program, and aim to share newest security technology to all people for free.

"It is smart and intelligent. We paid more attention on good user experience, so we designed friendly UI and save more resources for your computer," says Kevin, the chief designer of Anvi Smart Defender. Compared with some traditional anti-spyware, anti-malware software, Anvisoft improved much in technology, and it added anti-malware and system optimization function together.


You just need one-click, and it will scan and remove deepest infections such as spyware, adware, virus, keyloggers, Trojans, worms, etc. It also improves your PC performance by registry fix, system optimization, privacy sweep, junk files clean, and memory release.


How much will you pay for your software? If possible, would you like to choose one that is absolutely free? Anvisoft will give you this chance. Please do not hesitate to test the program because it stable, reliable, and 100% free of malware. It provides you PC security and system optimization in an easy way.


Anvi Smart Defender is ready for beta testing in several days, please test the program and provide some suggestion for software improvement.


About Anvisoft

Founded in 2011, Anvisoft is a next generation company which specializes in anti-malware and system optimization technology led by a group of innovative, enthusiastic, and visionary specialists. At Anvisoft, we are dedicated to developed high-performing security and PC performance improvement solutions for users, detecting and removing known and emerging forms of threats, and speeding up PC by new cloud computing technology.