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Anvisoft Announced the Beta Test Review Winners Today

Anvi Smart Defender beta test has finally come to an end. Winners have been announced today.


According to test result value, and reviewers' active participation, two iPhone 4S are awarded to two most professional reviewers, BaileyCalder and Bartek; two ipods are awarded to two most active reviewers, Shadow and Amil. First, let’s say congratulations to them. Thank you for your contributions to Anvi Smart Defender.


A review of the Beta Test

As a beta version, Anvi Smart Defender has much to improve. That's why Anvisoft held this Beta Test Contest. The company aims at collecting test results on different computers, for computers' conditions vary a lot, and gathering different user feedback, for good user experience is crucial to the company's development. Anvisoft wants to make it perfect. However, out of expectation this activity neither provoked strong repercussions, nor exerted a far-reaching influence, for only 4 users participated in this contest.


What can 4 reviewers bring? Shine your eyes.

You need to change your concept if you are disappointed on hearing the result, or still questioning: what value? I don’t see much value. They are only on behalf of 4 individuals.


In fact, all 4 users contributes a lot to the improvements of the program, they test in details, and keep records of the software’s performance carefully. They brought the company valuable feedback, such as where to improve, and where to add a new function, etc. Also, their efforts invisibly brought more and more people to know and use Anvi Smart Defender. For instance, BaileyCalder coded a procedure himself in order to vividly show what needed to be improved in the Cloud Scan.


Bartek made a "lightweight anvi smart defender and heavy avira of real time protection.mp4" video to spread the world about Anvi Smart Defender.




Thanks to their effort, more and more people begin to know about the company and its programs.


All good suggestions are taken and in progress. Anvi Smart Defender is on the way to become one of the biggest hitter in the antimalware field.


The company is going to release the RC version of Anvi Smart Defender in 2 weeks after all improvements and bugs being fixed. Different activities will continue. Keep following Anvisoft's latest news, share what you know, what you expect, and win what you deserve.


You are the next winner!