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New Release-Anvi Smart Defender v 1.6 Has Been Launched Today

the image of anvi smart defender 1.6 version

Since the Anvi Smart Defender v1.5 has been released on July 20, 2012, this time Anvi Smart Defender version 1.6 is built to continue the theme of 1.5 version and better its new functions like web guard, security defending power and efficiency as well as user-experience-based facilities. Besides, the Korean, Polish and Russian version are released in this edition to extend our services and sincerity to people in these areas.


Anvi Smart Defender, which is initially created to focus on Internet security in terms of online threats of all sorts, mainly including Trojans, malware, ransomware, worms, backdoors and malicious adware, etc. Always we Anvisoft team is dedicated to offer it to not only better protect you and your computer from online threats but also suit your taste. This Anvi Smart Defender v 1.6 would be one of the improved editions to smoother your computer use and relieve your worries about various online threats, for assured. As it usually does, it is created compatible with almost all mainstream antivirus programs in a light, smart manner for enhanced computer protection, let alone there is a toolbox containing Anvi Ad Blocker, Cloud System Booster and Anvi Windows Update Downloader for practical help. You have Anvi Smart Defender to nearly own all facilities online. Download now.


We Anvisoft team focus on Windows OS based software development. Now we have Anvi Smart Defender, Cloud System Booster and other series of free tools available to worldwide people. We are striving to enhance your computer protection from a wide range of online threats with Anvi Smart Defender, boost your Windows-based computer performance with Cloud System Booster and facilitate other daily computer use. We pursuit the Six Sigma spirit, which is demanding in excellence and our mission is to provide easier computer use on daily basis. We are young, passionate, open-minded, steady-fast and ambitious to make a difference for both us and our users. Welcome to any form of support, which can be using our software, being our partner, giving us some sincere or constructive advice or just focusing on us. We will highly appreciate that and transfer it into a huge encouragement to us to work more positive to provide more useful software and nicer services.


Now you may just start backing us up by using our Anvi Smart Defender 1.6 here and an extra computer protection is at your service. Free version trial download


the image of anvi smart defender v1.6 free version Anvi Smart Defender v1.6 Free 

                                                                                                                                                        the image of anvi smart defender 1.6 free


Some Screenshots of Anvi Smart Defender v1.6 Pro, which is for full defend.


the image of anvi smart defender 1.6 pro version


Anvi Smart Defender v1.6 Pro the image of Anvi smart defender v 1.6 pro 


the image of anvi smart defender v1.6 pro