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Anvi Smart Defender RC2 Is Released

Anvisoft released the RC2 version of ASD today, which is more stable and efficient. This version added more applications, such as automatically checking and downloading the latest malware database when running the program.


Since the release of beta version, Anvi Smart Defender has drawn many people's attention. Some show their interesting and likes of ASD, others reveal their hostilities and prejudice towards ASD.


However, no matter what view others may hold, Anvisoft team will only hold one belief: Criticism makes perfect. Keep improving and never stop innovating are their goals. Just as one of the users' comment: "A good start in the right direction." A bright future is not far. Keep walking and never be afraid.


The release of RC2 is another milestone of Anvisoft team's efforts and hard working. Hope more and more people will use and like Anvi Smart Defender.


Below are the main changes made:


Added Features

+ Automatic database updates when running program

+ Italian & Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) version



√ Enhance scanner and removal engine performance.

√ Increase malware detection rate

√ More intelligent real-time protection

√ More stable cloud scan engine


Bugs fixed:

- Malware database not updating properly

- Error: Program crashes halfway during scanning