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Anvi Smart Defender RC1 Is Released

Anvi Smart Defender's RC version is released today. It's a big hit in the security world where competitions never cease, hackers never rest and viruses never stop varying. It needs bravery and courage for a company to dig a new world here. However, with core technology, enthusiasm and confidence Anvisoft has made out its steps. It only takes two months for this company to release Anvi Smart Defender RC version after collecting feedback, improving its performance and fixing all bugs.


Exciting and confusing moments never end. Since the publishment of this software, doubts and criticisms ceaselessly flow into our sights. Some called in question: how can low detection rate security software even exist in this world? But they just forgot, it's still a beta version. Rumors are just rumors, Anvisoft has let all them go. It's a little harsh for a new company to survive and develop nowadays especially when others keep slinging mud at you. Yet, Anvisoft takes this challenge. At least, criticism makes perfect.


The company believes that all things are difficult before they are easy, they can do a perfect job if they believe they can. Nothing will put impacts on their decisions, efforts, and resolutions. "Go your own way, let others talk" is the magic weapon to success. The company has just taken off, and held others up in the waiting room.


The RC version makes no difference to the Beta version, only with bugs fixed, and light modifications of the GUI. No new functions added, the company indicates they are in development of new applications, and will publish them in right time. The exact time is not disclosed.


The RC version contains the following features:

- 100% free

- Provide daily malware database update and add approximate 40,000 fingerprints.

- New cloud scan function, scanning and analyzing your computer based on cloud technology.

- Multi languages support: French, German, Spanish, Vietnamese.

- Optimize engine.

- Faster, lighter, and more efficient.

- Malware sample upload entry.


Anvi Smart Defender is a security suite for protecting you from virus, rootkits, spyware, and other malware. What makes Anvi Smart Defender different from other security applications is the easily understand, operate and control user-oriented interface.


Keep following the latest news of Anvisoft, wait the next wave to roll in. The company will aperiodically hold activities when release a new version of a product. Spare what you can do to help the development of this company, and get what you deserve.