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Anvi Smart Defender --- Optimize

Anvi Smart Defender is a software that not simply helps guard your PC, but also assists in optimizing your computer to achieve better performance.



It provides one-click repair. Simply click "care now" to start the program. It will then scan for junk items, clutter files, and registry problems, etc. It allows automatic repair right after scanning, which makes the tasks easy to complete.


The whole process lasts less than one minute. Click "stop" during repair period to pause the automatic repair, you can look further into detailed information about junk or problems found.



Optimize components:


1.       System Optimize: Clean up user temporary files and junk files to speed up the PC.

2.       Registry Fix: Remove invalid, unused and old registry entries to release more disk space.

3.       Privacy Cleaner: Protect your privacy by sweeping the traces of your online activities

4.       Memory Sweep: Clean up RAM to release physical memory.

5.       Disk Defragment: Defrag disk files to recover disk space.


Through clicking settings, you can change the default setup. All items are recommended to be selected to achieve the maximum optimization.




There's still long way to go before we could call it perfect combination of protection and optimization. Hence, Anvisoft is planning to add more functions to this program if needed, and never stop improving the software. Any suggestions and expectations are welcomed.