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Anvi Smart Defender --- Guard

Anvi Smart Defender provides 5 proactive guards, including: Privacy Guard, Startup Guard, Process Guard, Behavior Guard, and Files Guard.



It is recommended to turn on all guards, if not, the soft blue background light will turn into yellow or red warning, which reminds you maximum protection is not ensured, your computer might be exposed to danger.


You can turn all guards by one-click Full Guard, it’s so easy to do.



The computer world today is a little harsh for anti-malware software, because malware programs are growing rapidly, changing into more complicated and difficult to detect forms.


Fortunately, Anvisoft Tech has developed this new componet—Proactive Defense, which acts in anticipation to oppose attacks against computers and networks.


It provides the following functions:


Privacy Guard: It stops and prevents suspicious actions from entering sensitive location’s files and documents, which can well protect your privacy.


Startup Guard: It stops suspicious malware starting with system. When some malicious software tries to modify the registry keys to launch with system without the user’s knowledge, it is warned.


Process Guard: It detects and stops suspicious malware process running in RAM.


Behavior Guard: It detects and blocks malware by analyzing its behaviors. When a suspicious application tries to operate, modify or delete any data in your computer, a warning will reminds you about the possible danger, and lead you to ignore or prevent the action.


File Guard: It detects threats when operating unknown files. All unknown and suspicious files are examined and detected proactively before you operate them.