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Anvi Smart Defender Final Version Has Been Released

Along with the release of Anvi Smart Defender Beta, Release Candidate and RC, anvi development team tries their best to further improve it, including both powerful function and customer experience. Today Anvi Smart Defender Final is being announced available.

The main features of anvi smart defender include:

1. Optimized "Smart Engine" scan and remove spyware, malware, virus, adware, trojans, worms and etc faster and more slightly. As its lowest memory space, it will not interrupt your pc work.

2. Anvi Smart Defender cloud scan function can analyze the suspicious files on computer in an effective way as its cloud-based technology. Upload the files you want to detect and anvi smart defender will give suggestion.

3. The malware database is updated every day. Compared with RC version, the engine can work more efficient and lighter.

4. Malware sample upload entry is provided to help anvi development team analyze the virus.

Special features

1. Log Center has the function of recording the date and file you had detected. Thus you can view all files you detected at any time.

2. Multi languages are supported.Thus it is more convenient for you to perform in any language.

Great benefits

100% FREE. It is totally free to use all the function including Scan (Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan), Cloud Scan (Cloud Security), Guard (Privacy Guard, Startup Guard, Process Guard, Behavior Guard and Files Guard, as well as Real-time Protection), Optimize (System Optimize, Registry Fix, Privacy Cleaner, Memory Sweep and Disk Defragment), and update the newest version.

Lastly, anvi development team is so appreciated to get valuable suggestions and feedbacks from customers to improve anvi smart defender's guard function, detection rate and others.