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Scoop-Browser Repair Tool v1.0 Is Released to Repair Infected Computers

Browser Repair Tool v1.0 by Anvisoft has been released today. It is built to help repair browser settings and other related network settings, computer settings altered due to malware infections. This time Browser Repair Tool v.1.0 is available for free to conveniently favor our users on infected computer fix and even virus removal.


Following the new release of Anvi Ad Blocker v2.0 to help user better secure online activities, the Browser Repair Tool is designed to assist users repairing browser settings, networking settings and other related settings modified by rogueware/malware infections, such as Google redirect virus, FakeVimes rogue antispyware, fake pc optimizer malware, etc, which are currently rampant in the cyberspace to trick people. That means if any nasty malware infection adds a malicious proxy server, search engine, disables Internet Options or Registry Editor, or alters homepage, start up page, title bar of the browser, for instance, in  Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, then this browser repair tool is focused on such to fix with efficiency, resembling as the One-click solution, that you can just choose the items you want to fix, and then click Fix button as shown in below picture to repair all.


Screenshot of Browser Repair Tool v1.0 

the image of browser repair tool v1.0


Browser Repair Tool v1.0 is designed and built to normalize computer usage after nasty malware infections, redirect virus and rogueware infections in particular, by fixing changed browser settings, network settings, and other related settings due to the infection. Meanwhile, it is also an ideal supplement to any Antimalware/antivirus tool for virus removal with the least efforts. By enabling some prohibited system services like Internet Options, Registry Editor, and returning normal networking connection, the infected computer is ready to easier repair either by an Antimalware tool/antivirus or just in a manual manner. Then, scoop this nimble tool to equip your computer for more security assurance by downloading it below. It is small and widely compatible, available for free now.


Download Anvi Browser Repair Tool v1.0 to safely fast fix browser settings, networking settings and other settings related of infected computer now. 

the image of browser repair tool v1.0, supplement malware virus removalthe image of browser repair tool download


Anvisoft team is dedicated to providing worldwide users with practical software and reliable information in online security domains. Till now, we have developed the Antimalware tool-Anvi Smart Defender and the Cloud System Booster (for daily computer maintenance), Anvi Ad Blocker (to monitor online surfing for the sake of security), as well as a series of free tools to facilitate malware removal. Millions of thanks to our users and partners who have supported us!


We are passionate, innovative and steady-fast and the Six Sigma spirit, which is demanding in excellence, is what we seek after. We aspire an achievement in Cloud-based software domain. However, we can never reach this if we don’t deliver win-win benefits to our users and partners. In other words, we need your support, which could be in any form. Here and now, you may just take a free trial with this stand-alone browser repair tool below.


the image of browser repair tool by anvisoft


Or you may try other software by Anvisoft (Anvi Smart Defender, Cloud System Booster, Anvi Ad Blocker, Windows Update Downloader…), or being one of our partners to build a promising business, or send us your sincere/constructive feedback/suggestion, or just show your attention on Anvisoft development by Like us. Any feedback or question, please feel free to contact us. Anvisoft is at your service.