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Cloud System Booster v3.6

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Care your PC health
Clean up system junk files, fix registry errors, repair browser
problems, optimize your PC system to boost your PC Performance.
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Cloud System Booster
Clean up & Optimize PC System with Cloud-based Solution

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Watch this video to see more features of Cloud System Booster 3.6 Pro on how it brings you the accelerating optimization effects.
Cloud System Booster

PC Boost & Mini Booster

Smart engine allows you to boost PC performance for game users or home users accordingly. Mini Booster enables you to monitor your PC performance in real time including RAM and CPU usage. You will explore more additional nice features on Mini Booster such as Screen Capture, Network Manage, and Booster Skin Change.
Cloud System Booster

New Tools Module

Following the Toolbox of previous version, Tools Module of this version gets enriched much more with new features like browser toolbar/add-on cleaning, GB File cleaning, ContextMenu Manager, User Center, etc. With current version, you can more conveniently manage your browser add-ons automatically, find the GB File stored on your machine which may be not useful any more but occupy too much resources, and enjoy better personalized user experiences, while still you can use the Anvi Ram Booster, Anvi Uninstaller and Startup Booster in Toolbox of previous version.
Cloud System Booster
"Cloud System Booster came close to dethroning the Editors' Choice award-winning SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner, but the license limitations kept it from claiming the crown. Still, Cloud System Booster is a respectable tuneup utility that's easy to use, attractive, full of helpful tips, and most of all, effective."
—— by Mike O’Brien
Key Features and Benefits
Cloud System Booster
Cloud System Booster
Speed Up
Clean up system files and optimize PC with local database.
Protect Privacy
Clean up browser history, cookies, etc., to protect privacy
Cloud Sync
Cloud technology applied to synchronously update the database for more efficiency
Auto Updates
Automatically update to latest optimization database from Anvisoft Cloud server
App Junk Cleaner
Clean out junk files generally by third-party apps as per your needs
Toolbar Manage
Help remove any malicious or unwanted toolbar/browser add-on from IE, Firefox & Chrome
Optimize system services, network settings and startups to boost PC performance
GB File Remover
Find GB Files stored on the machine to remove any unwanted file and release more disk space
ContextMenu Manager
Windows context menu is under your control, No more unwanted context menu!
24/7 Technical Support
Anvisoft Technical Support Team online provides support for 24 hours in 7 days a week to Cloud System Booster usage
No Limits for Commercial Use
More Powerful Features of Cloud System Booster
Mini Booster
Help computer users quickly boost their pc performance, monitor network and intercept malicious activities. With Mini Booster you can take a screenshot and multiple skins are available.
Context Menu Manager
Enables you to manage your Windows context menu. You can enable or disable any Windows context menu with this utility.
System Volume Folder Migration
Provides you with the function of migration folders from system volume to other volume, so that you can save more space for your system volume.
PC Repair
Repairs file extension errors, registry errors, privacy settings and malicious plugins to maintain the system
Anvi Uninstaller
Helps you conveniently and efficiently uninstall unnecessary programs to make PC run faster
RAM Booster
Real-timely monitors CPU usage and RAM usage and lets you optimize CPU and RAM with just one click
GB File
Helps you find and remove any potentially unwanted large file installed on local disks to efficiently speed up PC
Slim Toolbar
Assists in managing and removing any unwanted or malicious browser add-ons in IE, Firefox and Chrome to refresh your web browsing
Startup Booster
Helps you manage PC startup items to shorten the PC start time
User Center
You can sign in with Cloud System Booster to get your personalized settings synchronously updated for better usage.
Online Cloud Database
Connects to Online Cloud Database which is real-timely updated based on user experiences kindly shared for more efficient system maintenance
Registry Cleaner
Removes outdated, invalid or unuseful information within registry to prevent a bloated registry that may cause serious system issues like BSOD
Disk Cleaner
Cleans up junk files, invalid shortcuts, temp files, caches generated by both Windows and web browsers to free up disk space; erases online traces and privacy to protect privacy
Optimizes system services, startup settings and network settings to make a faster PC

    What's new

    Cloud System Booster v3.6.69 Released
    1. Fixed the mini booster bug to enable it always be on top.
    2. Fixed the bug that when hide mini booster, it does not show up after restart the PC.
    Cloud System Booster v3.6 Released
    Add Mini Booster that enables users to:
    1. Optimize process and service.
    2. Monitor network and intercept malicious activities.
    3. Take screenshot.
    4. Change the Interface.
    The change for the Cloud System Booster main program:
    1. Improve and adjust the entry point of the main interface function module.
    2. Add a huge amount of data.
    3. Optimize the program according to users' feedbacks.
    Cloud System Booster v3.5 Released
    1. Added System Volume Folder Migration.
    2. Enlarged the database content.
    3. Fixed some bugs in the ContextMenu Manager module.
    4. Optimized the scan engine to better support the program.
    Cloud System Booster v3.4 Released
    1. Added ContextMenu Manager.
    2. Enlarged the database content.
    3. Optimized graphic user interface.
    4. Improved scanning, fixing and optimization engine.
    5. Fixed some bugs in the program optimization module.
    Cloud System Booster v3.3 Released
    1. Optimized the updating module to better support the program’s incremental updates.
    2. Changed the scan database content.
    3. Improved the program’s cleaning function.
    4. Fixed some bugs in the program optimization module.
    Cloud System Booster v3.2 Released
    1. Added pop-up ads function when festival days celebrated or activities planed.
    2. Added function that scans junks automatically after PC startup.
    3. Added feedback function in the settings module.
    4. Added sharing function in the scan result page.
    5. The main program changed to be always resident in system tray.
    6. Add languages-Chinese Simplified, Turkish
    7. Improved the slim toolbar module that includes:
    ---Add the function to delete toolbar or extension permanently.
    ---Make the deleted extensions or add-ons unable to come back again after Windows restart.
    Cloud System Booster v3.1 Released
    1. Optimized the ActiveX scanning rules, added "Invalid File Type" data.
    2. Added new database for PC Repair Module.
    3. Added number displaying for News Center Module.
    4. Fixed bug that may cause program crash when scanning GB files.
    5. Added prompt function for Slim Toolbar when web browser is running; fixed bug for Slim Toolbar tool.
    6. Added scheduled scan notification pop-up that suggests suggest users to clean the detected items.
    7. Added right click menu (including the "Ignore" and "Locate" menu option) for scan result page
    8. Adjusted the scan progress bar to blue color.
    9. Added Click-Statistics function for Appstore module.
    Cloud System Booster v3.0 Released
    1. Optimized the scan engine to better support the program.
    2. Changed the database structure.
    3. Changed the whole interface and the module display.
    4. Added new functions that include:
        --- GB files scan and management
        --- Web browser add-on or extension management
        --- Anvisoft online shop
        --- Anvisoft latest news
    5. Added user log-in, user message and user information synchronization
    6. Changed registration and upgrading module.

    Bug Fixed:
    1. Fixed the registration bug that may cause registration failed when system reinstalled.
    Cloud System Booster v2.1.1 Released
    Fixed the bug that program crash when registering professional version.
    Added language-Polish
    Cloud System Booster v2.1 Released
    New features:
    Display prompt message when only 15 valid days left.
    Display prompt message after the program has expired.

    Enhanced optimization speed
    Two bugs fixed.
    Cloud System Booster v2.0 Released
    New features:
    New-added log center. Users can check Cloud System Booster scan log by checking Logs.
    New-added toolbox. Users can download and install Anvisoft tool quickly. More tools will be developed and added in the toolbox menu in the near further.

    Better user-friendly GUI. Cloud System Booster team researches and develops comprehensive new program interface.
    Easy-to-use program settings and mechanism. Cloud System Booster V2.0 adjusts the settings to better favor expert users.
    Mini Booster removed. According to users' suggestion, Anvisoft team removed the impractical function, mini boost.
    Pro functions adjusted.
    Cloud System Booster v1.2 Released
    Modified interface in below aspects:
    Enlarged each interface to better suit operation habit;
    Improved text display;
    Added interface transparent function with new interface transparency technique;
    Enabled Chameleon interface adjustable;
    Added border shadow for interface.

    Scan module Fine tuned.
    Language files improved and updated.
    Several bugs fixed.
    Cloud System Booster v1.1 Released
    Added mini cute mode to boost PC performance more quickly and slightly.
    Added translation entry in order to support multi languages updating.
    Added Pro edition for purchase.
    Added automatic update for Pro edition.
    Added automatic boost for Pro edition.
    Ability to create system restore points and call the system restore function directly.
    Improved scanning and cleaning function and optimized database policy.

    Added function of checking registration information.
    Display program version on the main screen.
    Modified the definition of database.

    Operating Systems

    Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit) with SP2/SP3 or Home/Professional/Media Center
    Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Business /Ultimate
    Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) Starter/ Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
    Microsoft Windows 8

    Hardware Requirements

    300 MHz processor or faster processor
    128 MB of RAM
    50 MB of free hard disk space

    Release date: Apr  2, 2014
    Version: 3.6
    File size: 16.9MB
    Category: System Maintenance & Optimizer


    BUY NOW $22.98 1yr Subscription for 1 PC
    Download NOWSize:16.9 MB
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