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Anvisoft's Affiliate Program guarantees you the highest commission from 80% on every sale of Anvisoft's products bundled with your Regnow ID.

Below is our RegNow vendor info:
Company Name: Anvisoft
RegNow ID: 39230
Email: krissy@anvisoft.com (replace # with @)
Totally free to join
No any fees required to join, absolutely ZERO cost.
Highest commission
80% commission - for every sale you made.
Tried and true
Many website owners have successfully made good money though AnviSoft's Affiliate Program. Our top affiliates make over 10,000 USD per month! Yes, you have heard it right! Over 10,000 dollars within one month!
100% tracked sales
We partner with Regnow and guarantee that you can 100% get your commission of every purchase of our product that users made on your websites. NO single commission will be missed.
Flexible affiliate methods
You can choose to pick any of our best selling products to sell. AND you can even make the whole AnviSoft website to be your affiliate site and make money from every purchase made by users.

It is very easy to join AnviSoft's Affiliate Program. The following step-by-step guide will tell you how:

If you have your own website, you can pick any product from our Affiliate Product List below and put the customized product with your Regnow ID on your website.

Step1: Get a Regnow Affiliate ID

Go to https://www.regnow.com/signup/affiliate?auto_vendor=39230, fill in the necessary information to register a Regnow Affiliate ID. If you already have one, just skip this step.

Step2: Make Your Own Trial Version

When you have your Regnow ID, you can make your own trial version to put on your website for your users to try. And if users buy a product from the purchase links on your own trial version, you will immediately get your commission!

It only takes a few steps to customize your own version:
1. Check the product you would like to affiliate from the affiliate product list.
2. Download RegNow Trialware and host it, or just simply link to RegNow custom builds

For example, download link of Anvi Smart Defender custom version should be
http://hotdownloads2.com/trialware/download/Download_asdsetup_16.exe?item=39230-2&affiliate=XXXXXX, where XXXXXX is your RegNow ID.

Step 3: Put a Purchase Link on Your Website

You may also want to put purchase links on your website so that you users can directly buy the products on your website. Take a look at this link:

To make your own purchase link, you just have to:
1. Replace "productID" field in the above link with the Regnow product ID where you can find from the affiliate product list below.
2. Replace "youraffiliateID" field in the above link with your affiliate ID.

Don't hesitate! Join AnviSoft's Affiliate Program now! If you have any questions regarding our affiliate program OR you want to request for a higher commission, please feel free to contact us at krissy@anvisoft.com (replace # with @).

AnviSoft Affiliate Policy

1. Any discount promotion of our products by affiliates should be authorized by Anvisoft, Inc.. Every affiliate must not offer additional coupons, bonuses or incentives to the customer. Please contact us if you have any discount promotion plan.

2. Affiliates must not use "Anvisoft", "Anvisoft.com", "Anvisoft Official" or similar words in any advertising, which may mislead consumers.

3. Affiliates may not redistribute Anvisoft Products in any way without written permission from Anvisoft

4. Affiliates should not submit our products to other websites by changing the product name or even using the same name of our products.

5. Affiliates must not exaggerate the functionalities of our products in any form.

6. Search Campaigns
Protected SEM Bidding Keywords:
a. Affiliates are not allowed to use the protected keywords include but not limited to: Anvisoft, Anvisoft company.
b. Affiliates are not allowed to link directly to the web site www.anvisoft.com from search marketing campaigns.
c. Affiliates are not allowed to display our domain in the URL displaying field.

7. Domain Name Restriction
Affiliates are not allowed to use the protected keywords following as part of their domain name, include but not limited to: Anvisoft, Anvisoft software, Anvisoft company.

8. All rights reserved by Anvisoft, Inc..

Anvisoft is devoted to expanding multiple marketing channels including affiliates, resellers, channel distributors, publishers and so on, we welcome different cooperation ways including but not limited to OEM, bundling, rental, and special discount. You can always find the best cooperation way for you here, regardless of software provider, reseller, media, publisher or hardware distributor!

If you are interested in working with us, or have any suggestions or enquiries, please contact us at krissy@anvisoft.com (replace # with @).